September 16,17,18, 2013 | Transamérica Expo Center | São Paulo | Brazil


ABRAFATI 2013 drives business and technological development forward

These were three days of intense activities that provided information about innovations and researches that are changing the present coatings.

With the presence of 270 suppliers showing a wide range of solutions for the coatings industry, the Exhibition created a climate of strong motivation for doing business.

Thousands of skilled professionals learned about the latest in raw materials, processes, products, technologies and equipment, opening up a number of opportunities for the coatings industry to become increasingly innovative and sustainable. Both booths and halls offered an ideal setting for negotiation, dialogues about joint projects, information sharing and closer business relations that will boost the growth of the entire coatings chain.

At the same time, the high level program of the Congress provided a broad and very consistent view of the innovations and trends. Leading international specialists shared their latest studies focusing on the main characteristics that need to be incorporated into coatings: sustainability, multifunctionality, high-performance and excellent cost benefit advantages.

In addition to the 72 presentations of the Congress, the technical program was enriched by the Poster Session and the seminar on radiation curing, promoted in partnership with RadTech South America, which brought an important contribution to the debate and dissemination of essential information for the industry.

The four plenary sessions were another highlight of the event. They stimulated reflection about the present and future of the productive chain and introduced original analysis on the central themes that were discussed at ABRAFATI 2013.

"ABRAFATI 2013 showed the innovative profile of our sector and confirmed its huge growth potential, always aiming at sustainability. The participants were satisfied with the event and opportunities to gain new knowledge, find answers to new challenges, consolidate relationships and do business", said Dilson Ferreira, executive president of ABRAFATI.


Seminar highlighted advancements related to radiation curing

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The third ABRAFATI-RadTech South America Seminar on Radiation Curing was one of the main ABRAFATI 2013 attractions. The broader program, including 11 lectures and a panel with representatives of the RadTechs from South America, USA, Europe and China, brought a qualified audience, which was interested in the most significant advancements and benefits related to this technology, particularly those associated with sustainability and productivity.


Organized in conjunction with RadTech South America and ABRAFATI, the event gathered leading-edge researchers, who presented the most recent developments and trends related to radiation curing, ensuring the participants access to the most advanced knowledge on this issue.


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ABRAFATI – Brazilian Coatings Manufacturers Association

The entity unites industries that represent the major part of coatings and varnish producers of the country. Parts of the associates are constituted by subsidiary companies of international groups and other parts by companies with a major share of capital or totally Brazilian.

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